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Our Bikes for rent

Our BIcycle for rent

Crussis e-bike


Crussis e-Land 1.7 urban electric bike  with aluminium frame, comfortable geometry and 28“wheels. Low frame allows you to easily pick up and just sit. Maximum power reserve of up to 120 km.

Merida big seven 100


If you like walking on forest trails or city bike paths, pay attention to the mountain Merida Big.Seven 100.

AUTHOR outset and unica

Let's ride together

Yedoo Four 04 Scooter bike

+ 420 601 118 575

Electro bike, what is it?


Imagine that your bike can help you in a difficult moment. This is exactly what an electric bike is.

The electric bike, it's not a motorcycle, it won't go instead of you. You need to pedal, only then the bike can help you. Thus you can take long walks without the necessary preparation, spending as much effort as you can afford.

Znojmo stands on the hills and bike paths here constantly go uphill. If you don't biking every day, it can be very difficult to overcome these obstacles in the heat. Knee problems or other health restrictions can also impose their own adjustments. But not with an electric bike. You can drive up to 120 kilometers with your bike.


Do not limit yourself in movement, take an electric bike!

+ 420 601 118 575

where you go on the bike

Popular Cycling routes near Znojmo can be found on the city's website

+ 420 601 118 575

More routes from other bike travelers in Znojmo can be found on the mapmyride website

You can choose a mountain bike or an electric bike, in any case, trips around Znojmo will bring you pleasure.

Our Price list

+ 420 601 118 575





10 eur

60 eur


14 eur

80 eur

Crussis e-kolo

24 eur

100 eur


6 eur

20 eur

Rental Rules

What do you need for rent bike:

- Travel Passport or ID card for Czech sitizen

- Credit card

- Good mood


How to get a bike?

1. Call to us and check availability on exactly day and time

2. Come in to Hotel Katerina

3. Sign rent contract

4. Give you credit card, we block 60-100 eur like deposit on rental time

5. Enjoy bike

6. Pay for rent after return it. 

Who can get a bike?

Age is 18-100

European union citizen


Other rules:



for regular rounds 60-80 eur

for electro-bikes € 100 


We we're blocking money on your credit card only to rent time and unblock it after. 

Accept visa/electrom and mastercard/maestro

The deposit is charged to the lessor in the event of major damage to the equipment (if it is necessary to buy new parts) or lost the round.



At the conclusion of the contract on the rent the customer takes the responsibility for the round.

In case of loss or theft of the bicycle, the tenant shall pay the cost. 

We provide locks free of charge equivalent to the cost of the bike, but I do not recommend to leave the bikes unattended.







Working hrs

Every day 

from 09:00 to 21:00



Phone 1

Phone 2


How to find rent in Znojmo

+420 601 118 575 (english and czech)

+420 702 207 777 (czech)



Hotel Katerina Na Valech 1556/7 Znojmo 

(please call us first)


web site our Hotel


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